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Southern Allure Fundraising

Will donate 5% of sales from select fundraisers in the month of March 2016

Runaways and Drug Abuse – A Guide to Helping

Read through this article if your philanthropic interest is in helping runaways find their way to a new home, new life. From drugrehab.org Runaways and...

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How to Help The Homeless

What’s the best way to help the homeless? Former homeless people share their advice. Go through the slide show on the following page from sfgate....

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Homeless Shelter Directory

Homeless Shelter Directory This website is more than a simple shelter directory, it's a must visit for anyone looking to find ways to help the...

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Jacksonville FL Non Profit Her Song

Jacksonville FL Non Profit Her Song

Enslaved by those who promised to love them forever countless women find themselves victims of 'modern day slavery'. Her Song of Jacksonville, Florida has opened...

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