90 year old Orven Schanzer and his niece Lisa Gilman continue their battle to end Neuropathy

90 year old Orven Schanzer and his niece Lisa Gilman continue their battle to end Neuropathy

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Orven Schanzer, diagnosed with severe scoliosis in the 1980s, underwent 4 failed back operations.  The complications left him permanently disabled & debilitated with crippling neuropathy.  Several years later, his sister was diagnosed with Classic CMT, inherited neuropathy.  She died soon after bedridden & suffering with severe neuropathic pain.  Schanzer's other sister suffered with shingles in her eyes & while already bedridden received medicine that caused her feet and ankles to burn, causing her great pain.

Schanzer and his niece created ASFAN (AMBOR SCHANZER FIGHT AGAINST NEUROPATHY) after enduring years of inadequate treatment that was supposed to help cope with his progressive & degenerative nerve & muscle-wasting disease. Schanzer  continues to take 120 mg of daily morphine to help ease his neuropathic pain. Schanzer and niece Lisa Gilman, continue to fight for progress in neuropathy research with the hope that they can ease the pain and suffering of others.

About Neuropathy

Peripheral nerves send information to the brain indicating things such as sensation and carry signals from the brain to the muscles that cause movement. Damage to the peripheral nervous system interferes with these signals.

Most commonly found in those suffering from diabetes, peripheral neuropathy also presents as the result of other damage to the peripheral nervous system, including: injury & sudden trauma, repetitive stress, genetic factors, and cancers.

An estimated 20 million people in the U.S. suffer some form of neuropathy. Neuropathy pain caused by injury to the nerves is most difficult to control, and severe cases can lead to muscle wasting, paralysis even organ and gland dysfunction.


Neuropathy Research primarily focuses on the treatment of underlying causes. Researchers are also investigating how pain signals are transmitted and which substances block that transmission in hope that their findings can alleviate pain brought on by neuropathy.

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