Spotlight Charity is a website dedicated to the promotion of exceptional nonprofit organizations and individuals that understand the importance of good works.

We started the website after attending an event where many small nonprofits were struggling to direct passersby to their booths. We stopped and chatted with many of the “vendors;” more as an act of compassion than interest, to be honest. One thing became very clear through all of our discussions: there are a lot of great causes out there that are barely getting by, simply because they can’t get the exposure that they need.

For the next few days we brainstormed about how we could help. This website is the result of those sessions. The official launch of was back in 2012, and after some major stumbles the site is finally morphing into what we had envisioned.

Currently the website houses over 1.4 million nonprofit organizations from all over the country. The basic information on each nonprofit comes from the IRS; additional information is gathered on the charities when possible, including: contact information, recent articles, and events.

Our home page features recent stories from all over the country, highlighting the good works of many fine charities. Other areas of the site “spotlight” worthy causes, upcoming events, and mind, body & spirit.

While we’d love to say that the site is complete at this point in time, it really isn’t and we aren’t sure that it ever will be. There are currently sections, primarily in the mind, body & spirit areas of the site that are just being developed, other areas are still to be imagined. Please enjoy the site as it is, and come back often to find new and exciting features.

We feel honored and privileged to participate in this great community of philanthropists,


The Spotlight Charity Team

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