Being Happy

True happiness is not found in material objects. Happiness comes as a result of our alignment with the natural order and vibration of the universe. Real happiness is not diminished by over exposure, and is thus available to us all by the creation of the causes of lasting happiness.

What is the root of happiness?

It all sounds so gooey and sappy; actions we have all heard and not heeded before:

Kindness, compassion and love of our fellow beings.

That new car will not bring you lasting happiness, but compassion for the driver of that beat up jalopy will. Eating your favorite candy bar might feel good in the moment, but giving a homeless man a coffee will stick to your spirit for much longer. Plus, you'll never get an upset stomach from being too kind.

Realizing that we are all fundamentally flawed and in need of tolerance and acceptance gives us the clarity of mind t0 understand that we are all the same in wanting happiness. It is only our misguided actions directed by our desire to be happy and avoid pain which create our misery.

When we learn that direct experience, without dreams of the future or regrets of the past, is the only true moment and bring love and compassion to each and every moment, then we will begin to experience deep and lasting happiness.