Branson, Missouri Waitress Given Car as a Tip

Branson, Missouri waitress given car as a Tip

Cindi Grady, a waitress at a Cracker Barrel in Branson, Missouri, received a silver 2008 Ford Fusion from Arkansas couple, Gary and Roxann Tackett.

The Tacketts noticed Grady's Hyundai in the driveway of a Branson Missouri Cracker Barrel while they were eating at the restaurant. The vehicle was in bad shape it had a banged up hood that was held down by a strap, the driver side window was missing and covered in plastic wrap.

The Tacketts, upon realizing someone was driving the car, inquired about the name of the owner and set out to replace it.

Cindi Grady  was overwhelmed by the couples generosity upon receiving the car  and relieved that she would no longer need to worry about her car starting in the morning.

Love stories like this, thanks for making my day Gary and Roxann!