Can You Help Me with Bus Fare

We have no shortage of homeless and needy in our town. Today we went to Walgreens to pickup some medicine where I was approached by a young man who asked if I could help him with bus fare.

I responded that I had no cash but that I did have a monthly bus pass which I purchased months previous that had never been used. To the young mans delight, I gave him the pass and began a conversation with him. Dave is his name, Dave told me he was looking for work and had an opportunity with a landscape company if he could just get there. I was happy that he would no be able to do just that.

As we were discussing his situation, another person in need of bus fare walked up an asked if we could help him. To my surprise and delight, Dave reached into his pocket and grabbed all the change that he had collected for his bus fare and handed it to the other gentleman.

Beautiful Day!