Colorado has it right with “Colorado Gives Day”

Colorado has it right with “Colorado Gives Day”

Colorado Gives Day

A recent article from the Denver Post tells how holds an annual online event that showcases around 1,600 nonprofit organizations from throughout the state for a single day of incredible giving.

This year the online event (Colorado Gives) raised over 26 million dollars with nearly 108,000 donations. Donors visit the website or use the “App” to select and donate to their favorite charities.

This is a win, win, win for everyone involved. Charities reduce expenses and receive donations when they need funding most, donors quickly find and give to their favorite orgs, and the benefactors lives are enriched, all in one day of orchestrated giving.

If this isn’t the future of fundraising, perhaps it should be. It would be nice if nonprofits could focus on the actual core of their cause rather than spending countless hours trying to garner the attention of would be donors, and if every headline about charity this time of year could be about success stories rather than “how to pick a good charity,” that would be nice too.