Focus on Good Works

Focus on Good Works

These days it's harder than ever for charitable organizations to get donations, volunteers etc.

With the Holidays approaching we all take a moment to think about those less fortunate. Soup kitchens are over-run with food and volunteers. It's unfortunate that much of the food donated this time of year has a finite shelf-life or it could help cover the remaining winter months more effectively.

We'd like to think that our generosity is appreciated and it is, but if we could try and remember the less fortunate throughout the year, shelters, soup kitchens and other organizations that directly help the homeless would benefit greatly.

Think about volunteering at your local soup kitchen in February, March and April etc. The homeless are still hungry but there are far less volunteers ready to help. This is also the time of year that some of the food stores are dwindling and your donations are needed more than ever.

This year let's all remember the less fortunate and schedule our volunteer time and food donations for other months as well as November and December. No one wants to go hungry during the holidays but being hungry in July isn't any fun either.