Help Spread the Word

Help Spread the Word

Spotlight Charity Launches New Program: Please Help Spread the Word!

Countless charities in the United States need your help to raise funds for their causes, and those at Spotlight Charity sincerely believe that no cause is lesser than another. However, a common obstacle that many exceptional charities must overcome to achieve success is becoming recognized by potential donors.

In an effort to help vanquish these barriers, Spotlight Charity is launching a new program to “Spread the Word” and we need your help. Social media is an excellent tool to find and inform new donors about great charities that need your help to accomplish their missions.

Here’s how you can help in five easy steps:

1. Like our Facebook page to receive pertinent updates regarding charitable fundraising campaigns nationwide. Charities or nonprofit organizations are also invited to like our Facebook page and can benefit from the additional publicity and form new relationships with similar organizations that have already joined our Spread the Word program.

2. Share the story with your friends via social media in an effort to spread the word regarding a charity that you want to support, or perhaps an event you’d like to help promote.

3. Visit the website to search for charity organizations nationwide that you wish to support and potentially donate to.

4. Charities and nonprofits can join our “Spread the Word“ program, free of charge mind you at

Spotlight charity helps charities to raise funds and we can all help each other by occasionally spreading the word about fundraising events, volunteer needs, and so much more by simply pooling together and drawing upon our resources such as fans, followers, and email lists.

5. Decide what and how much you want to share.

“Help us help those that help others”

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