homeless boy

Help the Homeless

The homeless never take a vacation from their plight. Despite the changing seasons, their season is always same – lack of adequate shelter, clothing and proper nutrition. These lost souls of society could use some help and you may possess the abilities to help improve their daily existence.

Helping the disadvantaged is not a difficult feat as most individuals who make the streets their home are most appreciative to any gesture of kindness bestowed upon them.

If you are looking to help the homeless, consider these opportunities to volunteer and contribute to your community’s needy:

 Start a sandwich and coffee route for the homeless. Two high school students in Toronto obtained permission from their teacher to spend the day on the streets delivering fresh sandwiches and coffee to the homeless. The students made dozens of sandwiches with loaves of bread, deli meats, and coffee purchased with their own money. The following day, the students, despite the frigid temperatures, distributed the sandwiches and coffee throughout the downtown core of their city where the majority of the homeless can be found. The recipients of their good deeds were grateful for the fresh food and warm drink but the biggest reward was to the two students who completed their volunteer task with a newfound compassion for the city’s forgotten citizens. This volunteer opportunity can easily be copied by those who want to get involved on the front line of the needs of the homeless.

 Start a clothing drive. Like the rest of the population, the homeless appreciate the feel of warm, clean clothes against their skin. Due to their living arrangements, clean clothes are not always an option for them. You can help provide clean clothes for the homeless by initiating a clothing drive in your community. Send out an email to all your family and friends announcing your intention and invite them to forward your email onto other interested parties. Request items that are suitable to your area’s climate such as sleeping bags, blankets, sweaters, glove and hats for the winter months, and baseball caps, t-shirts and raingear for the warmer months. Most people will be more than willing to donate some spare clothing to you for your cause. Make it convenient for donators by having a central drop-off for these items or arrange to pick them up. Once you have all your donations in hand, arrange for you and a few friends to deliver the donations to the homeless. It would be a good idea to bring a garbage bag with you because some of the recipients may want to discard their current attire for the fresh offerings.

It doesn’t take much effort to make an improvement in the life of a homeless person; it just takes some initiative and desire to make a difference in your community.