Michigan Teen Dreams of helping the Homeless

Michigan Teen Dreams of helping the Homeless

Cam Creighton of Farmington Hills Michigan has begun to realize his dream of helping the homeless.

He has incorporated his own charity for the homeless; the “Reciprocity Charity”. The charity collects and distributes supplies to the homeless in and around Detroit.

Creighton is moved by the response he receives from the homless he serves.

“I think the sentiment behind giving is just as important to them as the items, an act of kindness could give someone the motivation they need to keep pushing on,” Creighton said, “They’re real people who deserve the same respect as anyone else, and sometimes people just need a little help.”

Help the Reciprocity Charity by contacting Creighton at camcreighton02@gmail.com.

Learn more about Creighton's efforts: Reciprocity Charity.