Promoting Diversity through Education – UnityWorks of Yakima, Washington

Promoting Diversity through Education – UnityWorks of Yakima, Washington

UnityWorks Yakima, WA

Embracing diversity expands our understanding of humanity’s oneness. Accepting differences in others leads to a more profound understanding of our “sameness,” as human beings. It uncovers our common desire to be happy, and avoid pain and sadness. This deeper knowledge and understanding creates an intimacy which binds us together.

Practical programs aimed at teaching our youth the value of uniqueness and unity empower our culture. It builds a foundation of understanding and cooperation which will produce a more harmonious future in a global society.

UnityWorks of Yakima, Washington, teaches people about the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity, and the need for unity through practical programs that educate communities, educators and students.

About Diversity Training
UnityWorks provides diversity training, educational materials, and support to empower teachers, local schools and communities to raise a generation of prejudice-free children.
UnityWorks recently launched a pilot program in the Yakima School District. The program is designed to educate staff and students about living in a diverse society, to promote culturally-responsive teaching, to increase equity and reduce prejudice, to improve race relations, to close achievement and opportunity gaps, and to encourage positive multicultural change.

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(The next training is scheduled for Aug. 10-14 in Yakima, WA.)


You might also like to check out their diversity resources for parents, teachers and kids - all available through their online bookstore

You will find:
easy-to-use curriculum guides, colorful PowerPoints for children,workshop guidelines and activities for constructive conversations on race, school climate surveys and other educational materials designed to teach people about the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity and the need for unity.

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