Shared Lunch

I went to my favorite sub place today. I was looking over the menu when I noticed that a 12 inch sub was only about a dollar more than the six inch. I was struck with the idea that while it might be a small thing, I could give half my lunch to one of the many homeless wandering around the city. I also thought it might be a great day to do exactly that as cold as it was. I was sure that keeping warm might be a higher priority than searching for food with these temperatures.

I finished my lunch and asked the waitress to wrap the other half of my sub. Lunch also came with a bag of chips so I put that in the to-go bag as well. Walking home from the restaurant I scanned the streets for someone who might look hungry. Oddly, there was no one in sight. In fact I stopped at our local convenience store where many of our homeless hang out, and there was no one there either.

I started to think that I wouldn't be sharing my lunch after all. I was determined , so I  walked right by my house and down to the river park where I'd seen homeless hang out before. Looking around, I was struck again by the absence of the semi permanent park dwellers that normally occupied in droves.

Finally, I spotted two men standing under a pavilion next to a picnic table. I walked over and asked , "Are you hungry ?" To which they replied, "Yes, thank you." I gave them the other half of my lunch and was on  my way.

I always feel good after I give something, even something as seemingly trivial as lunch. Today, it felt good, along with tinges of "it's not enough".