Sponsorship Needed KHARE of Dalzell, South Carolina

Sponsorship Needed KHARE of Dalzell, South Carolina

Youth organization KHARE of Dalzell, SC needs sponsorship for a building to house their many youth centered programs.

From Serena:

Hard work pays off. We are In search of a sponsor for a building for my children. I keep on praying. Thanks for allowing me to post on your page. B-B-G (Be-Blessed-Godspeed)!


Serena A Cayce


Founder/President of KHARE, Inc.

Call/Text: 407-446-4164


KHARE has a 501c3 and is a non-profit organization that supports children in cultural arts and educational programs. KHARE will provide art-based activities as well as life-skill services, which will encourage our youths to embrace their uniqueness. Through different mediums such as music, video production, dance and fine arts, we are all inspired to create.


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